Salary of doctors and nurses to increase by 6%


The salary of doctors and nurses has increased by 6%. The decision entered into force on July 1 and was announced by the Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirlium today after the end of the government meeting.

“Starting from July 1, as we promised, for all doctors, nurses, all health professionals, their salary will increase by 6%. This is a policy of the Albanian government, which, as planned, enters into force on July 1 and postpones the effects throughout the year and beyond.

The annual effect of the 6% salary increase is about 10 million dollars, and about 19,000 doctors, nurses and health professionals who provide services in our health system benefit from this increase.

The minister emphasized that the policy of salary increase is a policy included in all the support that the Albanian government has for doctors, nurses and the health system”.